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The motorhome, evoking freedom and adventure, is also a prized possession. Protection against theft or vandalism is a key concern for every owner. With CamperSecure Connected, you can enjoy optimum security for your motorhome, wherever you are.

Multidimensional protection for your motorhome

More than just an alarm system, CamperSecure Connected is the perfect shield for your motorhome. It goes beyond simple surveillance of openings to create a complete electronic defense system, both inside and outside your vehicle.

With night mode, even when you’re asleep inside your motorhome, safety is never compromised. It keeps an eye on the outside perimeter, preventing intrusion while preserving your comfort.

Stay in control with MetaTrak Plus

MetaTrak Plus
our dedicated mobile application, is the essential tool for motorhome safety. It informs you in real time of any suspicious activity, be it an intrusion attempt, unauthorized towing, or an act of sabotage. What’s more, it guarantees smooth communication with you, wherever you are.

If an incident occurs, the application quickly informs you and your loved ones.

Assistance and Remote Monitoring for Motorhomes

If your motorhome is stolen, MetaTrak Plus instantly connects you to our certified monitoring center. Our experts are there to help you: from quickly locating your vehicle to coordinating with the authorities, every step is taken to ensure the safety of your property.


CamperSecure Connected transcends the classic notion of a motorhome security system. It’s a faithful guardian of your travels, ensuring that every mile you travel is serene.