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Car and utility alarm

EvoCan | Prevents theft of your vehicle and secures its contents.

3-year warranty
Compatible with all brands
Canbus audible alarm
Prevents theft
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A solution for every vehicle

Our alarm is compatible with all brands of cars, commercial cars, convertibles and small trucks. The EvoCan is available from many car and commercial vehicle dealers.

Small truck


Commercial car

Easy to use alarm

The alarm is activated and deactivated using your vehicle’s original remote control. That’s what makes it so easy to use. It uses digital CanBus technology to adapt to all types of vehicle equipped with a central locking remote control.

Powerful 116 dB siren

Our audible alarm alerts you when your vehicle is in danger and instantly scares off thieves.

Engine cut-off

The alarm incorporates an engine cut-off that prevents your vehicle to start. This offers additional protection in the event of a theft attempt, as the thief is diverted by this unexpected difficulty.

Perimeter and lift-off protection

The EasyCan alarm detects the opening of doors, trunk and hood. Detection is done via CanBus technology. Your vehicle becomes impenetrable. What’s more, its anti-lift sensor detects any attempt to lift the rims or catalytic converter/FAP.

Volumetric protection

Volumetric sensors detect any suspicious intrusion into the passenger compartment or glass breakage. The passenger compartment of your car is safe. Its ultrasonic digital volumetric protection automatically adjusts sensitivity to temperature to avoid false alarms.

Internal battery backup!

In the event of a power disconnection, the alarm is equipped with an internal back-up battery that allows it to be triggered and secure your vehicle.

Alarm + GPS tracker

For even greater protection, switch to aconnected alarm. The EvoCan alarm can be coupled with our
EasyTrak GPS tracker
. You’ll be notified instantly by SMS, App and Mail when the alarm is triggered. It’s the most comprehensive solution against theft!

Installation by our professionals

This product requires professional installation. Prices may vary according to the complexity of your vehicle and the equipment to be installed. Ask one of our specialist dealers for advice or a quotation.

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Additional protection

Microwave detector

Protects the cargo area of commercial vehicles or the passenger compartment of convertibles.

Technical data

<strong>Power supply: </strong> 12V (10V-15)
<strong>Connection type : </strong> Digital (CanBus)
<strong>Alarm control unit consumption: </strong> In deactivated mode < 1.5mA - In activated mode < 5mA
<strong>Certification: </strong> 2014/53/EU.
<strong>Operating temperature : </strong> -40°C +85°C
<strong>Alarm cycle time: </strong> 25 sec

INCERT version coming soon

INCERT-certified version. It meets the AL1 standard approved by insurance companies.

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