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MetaTrak Pulsar

Switch to connected safety and join the MetaTrak Pulsar application.

View last position

The main screen shows the location of the last position detected by the PULSAR. Clicking on the red icon displays details (date, time, etc.).

Tracking mode in case of theft

This function is used in emergencies when it is necessary to locate and track the device in real time. When it wakes up, the PULSAR will receive the request and send its positions continuously.

Position request

This function is used when you urgently need to know the location of the device. The Pulsar will send you its position as soon as it wakes up.

Virtual Garage

This mode lets you secure a virtually defined area. From the moment the Pulsar leaves this zone, when it wakes up, an alarm notification is sent. Tracking mode” can also be activated automatically.

You have the controls

Set the dayly frequence of comminication and GPS positions

Encode or modify your information with ease.

Find all notifications sent and position history.

Access all your vehicles via the same account.

Set up your application as you wish.


Stand-alone GPS tracker

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