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Battery-powered GPS tracker

Pulsar – For vehicle recovery after theft.

Magnetic holder supplied
Police-approved theft assistance
Waterproof to immersion
Powerful mobile application

The Pulsar is a self-powered GPS tracker. It requires no external power supply. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, on a wide range of goods and vehicles.

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Ideal for securing











Unique after theft protection solution

Recover your stolen vehicle safely and without your intervention. This way, you can avoid all the hassle of having your vehicle stolen.

96% of stolen vehicles are recovered within 24 hours of calling for assistance.

Your vehicle has just been stolen.

Our GPS tracker alerts you if your vehicle is stolen.

You call our approved theft assistance service, available 24/7.

Your vehicle is recovered by the police and returned to you.

Invisible safety

The special feature of the PULSAR GPS tracker is that it remains in “Sleep” mode most of the time, for two reasons:

Reduce power consumption and conserve batteries

Invisible to GPS tracker sensors

PULSAR offers dual functionality

These two totally independent functions can be configured differently to suit your needs. For example, you may want to update your Pulsar’s position daily or hourly. It will connect to the network according to your choices.

Functions on request

Set the number of times the Pulsar connects to the GSM network. Each time it connects, it will be able to perform the following functions:

Activate “stolen vehicle” mode to locate vehicles in real time
Location request
Creation of a “virtual garage” zone

Automatic function

Pulsar automatically connects to GSM/GPS networks to update its position at the desired frequency.

Up to 24 locations per day

Connected safety

The Pulsar GPS tracker alerts you when you leave the area defined in the app, and also when the batteries are running low. This allows you to react quickly to both emergencies. Every time it wakes up, the Pulsar notifies you of its position, so you can be sure your vehicle is always where you want it to be.

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24/7 theft assistance

The PULSAR GPS tracker is connected to an approved remote monitoring center available 24/7 in the event of theft. It coordinates the recovery of your vehicle in collaboration with the police.

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MetaTrak Pulsar | Mobile App

The Pulsar is supplied with a mobile application. Stay connected to your vehicle in all circumstances. Click on the “Learn more” button or watch our video to discover all the features of MetaTrak Pulsar.

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Subscription with no surprises!

The Pulsar comes with a 3-year prepaid subscription giving immediate access to its many features. Shortly before expiry, you will be invited to extend the service if you wish.

99.00€/3years or 2.75€ per month | Roaming UNLIMITED | VAT 21%.

International coverage

24/7 theft assistance

Access to the MetaTrak Pulsar app

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The Pulsar is waterproof (IP67 standard). This gives you infinite placement possibilities without risking damage to the Pulsar from water or dust.

Its miniaturized size makes it easy to conceal anywhere, using the screws or adhesive supplied. Dimension: 7.8cm (L) x 4.2cm (W) x 1.9cm (H)

The Pulsar is supplied with a battery replacement tool. Thanks to this special feature and the use of standardized batteries, you can easily change the batteries in your GPS tracker yourself.

The Pulsar is supplied with a magnetic holder for attaching it to metal surfaces.

Depending on use and configuration, Pulsar’s exceptional autonomy means it can be used for up to 3 years without changing batteries. It can send up to 1,800 positions with fresh batteries. The application generates a notification to inform you in advance (after approx. 1300 positions) of the need to replace the batteries. This provides a sufficient energy reserve to ensure localization in the event of an emergency.


<strong>Power supply: </strong>CR123 Lithium batteries (2) user-replaceable
<strong>Antennas: </strong>Integrated GPRS and GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BEIDOU antennas.
<strong>Internal sensors: </strong> Accelerometer + Gyroscope + 6-axis Motion Engine
<strong>Connectivity: </strong> Bluetooth Low Energy
<strong>Dimension: </strong> 7.8cm (L) x 4.2cm (W) x 1.9cm (H)
<strong>Tightness: </strong> IP 67 (in accordance with ISO-20653)
<strong>Weight: </strong> 25 g (without batteries)
<strong>Autonomies: </strong> +/- 1800 positions

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