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Vehicle GPS tracker with electronic theft protection

EasyTrak e-Theft | It connects you directly to your vehicle in real time via an App, and boasts specific protection to combat the latest electronic theft techniques.

Real-time information
Police-approved theft assistance
Warn in case of crash
Powerful mobile application

Once installed, EasyTrak is ready for immediate use. The No Tag-No Start function prevents the engine from starting even if the keys are stolen! What’s more, it features “Special Jammer” detection, which acts preventively as soon as it detects the presence of jamming devices.

EasyTrak is compatible with 12 & 24V vehicles as well as hybrid and electric vehicles!

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All-vehicle compatible

Our EasyTrak GPS tracker is compatible with all vehicles equipped with a 12 to 24 volt battery.

Car and ancestor

Motorcycles, quad bikes and scooters

Utility vehicle

Unique after theft protection solution

Recover your stolen vehicle safely and without your intervention. This way, you can avoid all the hassle of having your vehicle stolen.

96% of stolen vehicles are recovered!

Your vehicle has just been stolen.

Our GPS tracker alerts you instantly if your vehicle is stolen.

You call our approved theft assistance service, available 24/7.

Your vehicle is recovered by the police and returned to you.

The three main functions


Check your vehicle’s exact location in real time on your smartphone.


Analyze your trips and find out all the information about your vehicle and your driving.


Secure your vehicle with our 24/7 central alarm system and theft alerts.

A formidable weapon against theft

The EasyTrak GPS tracker is state-of-the-art and ahead of current theft methods. It automatically communicates with you in real time in the event of alerts or notifications.

Theft alerts

Jamming detection
Unauthorized movement
Alarm triggering
Unauthorized use
Vehicle or tracker power supply disconnected

Customizable notifications

Entry & exit of user-defined zones
Low battery vehicle & tracker
Approaching a point of interest
Exceeding the time limit when stationary or parked

*If add-on module installed

Connected safety

EasyTrak e-Theft lets you view your vehicle’s location anytime, anywhere. Its main objective is to illustrate clearly and precisely that everything is under control or, on the contrary, that your vehicle is in danger.

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24/7 theft assistance

It geolocates stolen vehicles and informs the police support point in compliance with Belgian legislation. The alarm center is approved by the French Ministry of the Interior. Approval N°16.1027.01 – class A/B/C/D

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Accident detection and reporting

In the event of an accident, the EasyTrak e-Theft GPS tracker instantly alerts the tracker owner and an additional contact person. A text message is sent to your loved ones, informing them of the time and place of the accident. An analytical report is created for each accident, detailing the sequence of events (impact speed, impact intensity in Gs, weather, point of impact, etc.).

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Benefits for professionals

View all your vehicles in real time on a single map (cars, vans, machines…)
Manually mark trips as private or business
Export a report for a given period via email (max 30 consecutive days)
Prove your business mileage (VAT deductibility)
Privacy” mode blocks all trip logging (GDPR)

Subscription with no surprises!

EasyTrak e-Theft comes with a prepaid 1-year “SMART” subscription, giving you immediate access to all its functions. Thereafter, you will automatically receive an invitation to extend the service shortly before the expiry date.

99,00€/an* | UNLIMITTED Roaming | Including VAT

International coverage

24/7 theft assistance

Access to the MetaTrak Plus app

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*Subscription compatible only with EasyTrak or SecurityTrak. Product and subscription not Incert certified (see all subscriptions).

MetaTrak Plus | Mobile App

EasyTrak is supplied with a mobile application and web access. Stay connected to your vehicle in all circumstances. Click on the “More info” button or watch our video to discover all the features of MetaTrak Plus.

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Available in INCERT

INCERT-certified version. It meets TT 1-2-3-4 standards approved by insurance companies.

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Fleet management for professionals

MetaTrak FLeet fleet management platform. Your Fleet Management assistant.

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Immobilizer module

When the EasyTrak e-Theft is switched on, the immobilizer’s deadlock function prevents the engine from being started. It can be activated remotely via the application. If your vehicle is fitted with an original alarm, you can connect it to the module to warn you when it is triggered.


This enables the driver to be identified when the vehicle is started. If no identification is made, the driver is notified.

The “No tag – No start” function prevents the engine to start.


EasyTrak e-Theft is waterproof to IP67. This gives you a wide choice of locations, without risking damage to the EasyTrak if it comes into contact with water or dust.

Its miniaturized size makes it easy to conceal anywhere, using screws or the adhesive supplied.

EasyTrak e-Theft connects directly to the vehicle’s electrical system, providing power and real-time tracking. It is connected by three wires to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the post-contact data collected.


Technical data

<strong>Self-testing: </strong>Monthly
<strong>100% waterproof </strong> IP67 to ISO-20653 standard
<strong>Dimensions: </strong>12.4 cm (L), 5.5 cm (W), 1.3 cm (H)
<strong>Power consumption: </strong> <1.2 mA (standby)
<strong>Rated voltage:</strong> 12/24 Vdc
<strong>Back-up battery:</strong> 2.4V, 600mA/h NiMh
<strong>Internal Battery : </strong>secures your vehicle even if the power supply is disconnected.
<strong>Connectivity :</strong> Bluetooth Low Energy
<strong>Internal sensors:</strong> Accelerometer + Gyroscope + 6-axis Motion Engine
<strong>Antennas:</strong> Integrated GPRS and GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO / BEIDOU antennas.
<strong>Weight:</strong> 75 g

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