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EasyLoop : Votre Solution de Recharge avec Enrouleur pour Véhicules Électriques et Hybrides 🚗⚡

Transform your charging experience with EasyLoop, the innovative accessory designed specifically for owners of electric and hybrid vehicles. No more messy charging cables lying around. EasyLoop, with its automatic winder, ensures clean and easy handling, keeping your hands, clothes and trunk clean.

Key benefits of EasyLoop: 🌈

  • Cleanliness guaranteed: Thanks to EasyLoop’s automatic cable winder, the charging cable never touches the ground. Say goodbye to dirty hands and stained clothes when handling the cable, and keep your trunk clean.
  • Easy to use: connect and disconnect your vehicle easily, without physical effort or direct contact with the cable.
  • Protection and durability: EasyLoop’s fire- and weather-resistant materials provide optimum protection for the cable against the elements, extending its service life.
  • Universal compatibility: Compliant with European standard IEC 62196 type2, EasyLoop is available in single-phase or three-phase versions up to 32A, and in lengths of 5 or 7 meters.

Why choose EasyLoop? 🌟

EasyLoop is more than just an accessory; it’s a revolution in electric and hybrid vehicle charging. By incorporating a reel system into its design, EasyLoop not only makes charging your vehicle easier, but also protects your cable and your vehicle from dirt and wear.

Embark on the future of electric and hybrid vehicle charging with EasyLoop: clean, efficient and hassle-free.