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New Emergency Deactivation Feature in MetaTrak Plus: Safety First, Even Outside the Network

Dear MetaTrak Plus users, we are delighted to unveil a clever and revolutionary feature, carefully designed for your peace of mind and the safety of your vehicle!

Protect Your Vehicle, Even When the Network Lets You Down

We are proud to present an innovation designed to provide a solution for those inconvenient moments when network coverage is lost. The new Deadlock emergency deactivation feature on MetaTrak Plus puts you in control of your vehicle’s safety, even in the most remote areas.

Three Simple Steps to Peace of Mind

In just three steps, make sure your vehicle stays in good hands – yours:

  1. Easy configuration: simply access the application’s configuration menu.
  2. Command at your fingertips: Select “Disable immobilizer” while remaining close to your vehicle.
  3. Guaranteed security: opt for “Generate AES key” and you’re ready to go!

A Solution for Every Situation

With this update, MetaTrak Plus further strengthens your ability to protect your property, by ensuring control of the Deadlock immobilizer even in the absence of mobile network coverage. No more stress in areas with low connectivity – you’re in control!


Your peace of mind is our priority, and with this new feature we hope to reinforce your confidence in MetaTrak Plus as a reliable partner on every journey. Explore without fear, MetaTrak Plus is with you every step of the way.