MetaFLEET 3 years (2G) – Professional Fleet Management Solution with Anti-theft GPS Tracker


MetaFLEET 3Y Prepaid: Discover the professional MetaFLEET fleet management solution, offering advanced anti-theft protection certified to automotive standards. Designed to adapt to all fleet sizes, this solution guarantees the security and efficiency of your management.

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Main features :

  • 🛰 Real-time tracking: Get detailed history and reports of all trips.
  • 🚨 Configurable Notifications and Alerts: Be warned when speeding, leaving geozones, and more.
  • 📊 Intelligent Dashboards: Easily spot vehicle operating anomalies. Monitor compliance with the company’s vehicle use policy (car policy) and drivers’ driving behavior.
  • Fuel Fraud Detection: Make sure your fuel is used wisely.
  • 🚗 Vehicle Cost Management: Keep an eye on your expenses and optimize your budget.
  • 📆 Deadline Reminder Management: Receive reminders for technical inspection, documents, medical check-up and more.
  • 🔐 Certification to Automotive Standards: Product designed and certified to the highest standards of the automotive industry.
  • 🛡 1 st Owner Lifetime Warranty: Invest with confidence with our exclusive warranty.
  • 📱 Mobile & Web Access Included: Access your fleet via the MetaTrak Plus app, MetaFLEET, and web portal.
  • 🌍 European coverage at no extra cost: Communication and roaming charges included.
  • 🚑 B-call: Alert quickly in the event of an accident.
  • 🔋 Compatibility & Battery Backup: Operates on 12 or 24V for conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles. Takes over in the event of sabotage thanks to its internal battery.
  • 💧 IP67 sealing: withstands harsh conditions.

Subscription :

Enjoy 36 months of MetaFLEET 3Y subscription with :

  • Continuous access to all mobile and web application functionalities.
  • 24/7 alarm center with direct connection to the police in the event of theft (in compliance with Belgian legislation).

Renewal from the 4th year at €138 + VAT per year.

Installation & Compatibility :

  • Easy to install: 3 wires (positive, negative and after contact).
  • Extra-low power consumption (<1mA standby).
  • Compatible with wireless accessories such as the immobilizer module or ID-Tag badge.

Accessories section :
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